Madera Wine Trail

Madera Wine Trail






The Madera Vintners Association (MVA) is encouraging responsible transportation companies to visit the multiple wineries on the Madera Wine Trail. As transportation companies are aware, the wineries are held to laws and high standards within the State of California and the County of Madera to maintain an orderly and safe environment where alcoholic beverages are being served. The MVA takes seriously the problem of highly intoxicated and disruptive customers being brought to them by transportation companies. Therefore, the wineries desire to develop a closer working relationship with those transportation companies who on a best effort basis will attempt to not bring to their wineries overly intoxicated or disruptive customers and who agree to deal with problems related to this topic when it is brought to their attention.

Wine Trail Weekend Event Bus Policy:

To enhance your wine trail experience, no large capacity buses (30+ person capacity) will be allowed at the three annual Wine Trail Weekend events.The Madera Vintners Association seeks to provide the best wine tasting experience possible during any and all of the MVA sponsored events. The MVA also encourages all event visitors to seek safe and comfortable transportation through the use of Designated Drivers, Limousine and Shuttle companies. We also value all of our transportation providers and recognize that they provide an extremely valuable service to our visitors. To balance the needs of our customers, wineries and transportation providers the MVA will not accept large capacity buses (30+ person capacity) at any participating winery during Wine Trail Weekend events. Limousine and Shuttle companies can purchase $25 pre-event tickets for your customers by calling 559-974-4440. Visitors, to reserve a shuttle package or limousine, please contact one of our Preferred Transportation Partners.




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