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Papagni Wines

9505 Road 30 1/2, Madera, CA 93636  |  Phone: (559) 673-5754
www.papagniwines.com  |  info@papagnivineyard.com

Tasting Room Hours: 
Saturday – Sunday 1:00 – 5:00


Papagni Wines

The Papagni family tradition of growing grapes for winemaking reaches back to Bari, Italy. Family members have passed down the art of grape growing from generation to generation.

The Papagni family have extended the grape growing traditions that started in Italy, to central California in 1912 and now to Madera, California.

The Papagni family dreamed of fine wines made from the San Joaquin Valley so they planted premium grape varieties, combining carefully monitored vineyards with the most modern technical advances in cultivation and irrigation with the ancient traditions that yield the finest of premium wines.

Relive the rich history!